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From Prasad <>
Subject Active MQ as bridge or something else ?
Date Wed, 08 Jun 2011 04:35:16 GMT
I have a JMS queue (on active mq broker) available on a remote machine which
is behind corporate firewall and only a port is open so I can access it from
one of my UNIX box within my network. 
Sometimes , I loose network connection with this remote Queue and my Java
client running on my Unix box does not work thereafter. ( I can make it work
by restarting or by improving my code so it will keep checking after certain
time to reestablish the connection. )
What I would like to do is - 
1. setup Active MQ broker/bridge on my UNIX box in such a way that , my java
code will connect to my Active MQ queue and not to remote active MQ queue. I
am not sure how should I configure my active MQ - as broker or as bridge and
if possible - How ?
2. My Active MQ on my unix box should be accessible from my other intranet
unix boxes so I can access the data from other boxes too.
3. It would be nice if my active MQ broker/bridge take care id network
reconnect if the connection with remote queue is lost somehow. I do not want
to check network connectivity manually and then restart the processes.

Can some one please tell me how should I configure the "my Active MQ" ? Will
it be normal broker or bridge ? How should I tell it to connect to remote
Active MQ queue ?

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