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From Timothy Bish <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ-cpp exceptions
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2011 14:36:54 GMT
On Thu, 2011-06-02 at 15:04 -0400, Joe Wade wrote:
> Forgive me if this is the wrong place to ask this question.  Not sure if
> questions about ActiveMQ-cpp wrappers should be directed to the mailing
> list, but I kept getting here through the website.
> I have a simple producer/consumer setup with topics.  Everyone connects up
> and messages are sent/received.  I wanted to see how/if a producer would
> react if the topic disapeared while it was running, so I deleted the topic
> using the web interface.
> I expected that the producer would gak and start catching exceptions, and
> that the consumer would stop receiving data.
> Well the consumer stops receiving data, but the producer happily continues
> to call send() and does not catch any exceptions.  If I re-create the topic
> on the broker (through the web interface) the data channel does not come
> back up, I don't see any messages being enqueued/dequeued for that named
> topic.
> I am using ActiveMQ-cpp version 3.2.5 with a 5.4.2 broker running on a RHEL
> 5.5 machine.  Going to try to upgrade to ActiveMQ-cpp 3.4.0 and see it that
> makes any difference.

I just tried out deleting a queue from the web console while an AMQCPP
producer was running in the background, the queue was recreated and
message started en-queuing once more as I would expect.  I wouldn't
expect the producer to see any exceptions as destinations are
dynamically created on the broker so the next send should just create
the destination as if its the first ever send on that destination.


Tim Bish
Twitter: tabish121

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