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From peterjca <>
Subject ActiveMQ integration with WebSphere MQ
Date Wed, 25 May 2011 15:19:05 GMT
I'm spiking a blocker on my current project, now that the client has provided
us with further information regarding how we integrate with them via
messaging queues. I've been googling and reading for a day or so, and I'm
not 100% convinced that I've found evidence that I can integrate ActiveMQ
with WebSphere MQ (or MQ Series) in the way the client envisages.

I'm the expected Java Spring-based webapp that needs to communicate with a
remote IBM messaging server. The requirement is that our web app talks to a
local (i.e. same machine) messaging server which then sends/receives to the
IBM MQ via channels. The client is keen for this requirement so that they
can do whatever maintenance is required on their messaging server with our
web app being affected at runtime. They have explicitly ruled out talking to
their server directly.

We'd like to use ActiveMQ. I'm not asking specifically how to do it at the
moment but rather the general question:

Can ActiveMQ be configured to talk to an IBM messaging server through sender
and receiver channels?

>From what I understand, JMS (and ActiveMQ) have no concept of a channel.
However, these seem to be just destinations from an ActiveMQ perspective(?)
so using an outboundQueueBridge in a queue connector with the appropriate
remote connection factory ( seems to
be the way to go.

I'm not convinced I have the Websphere end set up correctly as I'm getting
errors relating to incorrect channel types at startup. However, for now, I'm
just hoping that some of you can say, "Yes, this is indeed possible, and
relatively easy to do."

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