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From LordOfTheCows <>
Subject activemq-cpp invalid UTF-8 issue
Date Tue, 17 May 2011 17:49:12 GMT
Activemq : version 5.5.0
Activemq-cms : version 3.4.0


A message consumer is currently throwing an exception with the following
message (caught with the exception listener) :

  "Invalid 2 byte UTF-8 encoding found, This method only supports encoded
ASCII values of (0-255)."

Sadly, I do not have the complete stack trace at this time. When this error
is encountered, the offending message is never retrieved from activemq which
causes our servers many troubles. I would like to reproduce the problem but
I am unable to do so and unsure of how to proceed to accomplish that goal.
Note that we do not use cms::TextMessage, but cms::BytesMessage to pack our

We noticed in the web admin panel that the default behaviour of the library
is to include the computer name in the connection identification name (in
the form of "ID:mypcname-52983-1305654247574-1:0"). Since our clients come
from all around the world, some of the pc-name include UTF-16 characters.
Thinking that this could be the cause of our problems, we provided our own
identification string to the connection factory to avoid this issue, but the
issue is still seen at times. 

All of this to ask finally : does anyone have any idea on how I could
reproduce the problem, so that I can find a way around it (such as purging
the queue if necessary). Note also that I cannot contact the people running
the 'offending' clients. 

Thank you

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