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From Aleksandar Ivanisevic <>
Subject Re: How to send a textMessage to an exising queue (destination)
Date Fri, 29 Apr 2011 14:53:29 GMT
mruan <> writes:

> What I want is to modify some code (e.g. built-in checks) in the function
> f() so that when the second case happens, the function will NOT create the
> wrong queue.
> I hope that I am now clear to you.

You will have to precreate the destinations
( and
then set up security with anonymous user enabled and then disallow
creation of new destinations for the anonymous (admin right)

something like this

<broker ...


           <queue physicalName="queueA" />
           <topic physicalName="topicA" />





      <simpleAuthenticationPlugin anonymousAccessAllowed="true">
                <authenticationUser username="system"
       password="manager" groups="admin"/>

              <authorizationEntry queue=">" read="anonymous,admin" write="anonymous,admin"
 admin="admin" />
              <authorizationEntry topic=">" read="anonymous,admin" write="anonymous,admin"
 admin="admin" />



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