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From Aleksandar Ivanisevic <>
Subject Re: Stomp Temp Queues
Date Tue, 19 Apr 2011 08:53:30 GMT
Condotta <> writes:


> it's somehow managing to get the correct one. I haven't tried this
> with multiple clients so I can't say whether it actually would work
> properly. But what is the expected bnehaviour and how is it
> managed. Is it possible to write request reply with STOMP and use temp
> queues ?

I've been using this scenario with STOMP and multiple queues/clients
(100+ clients, 30+ queues) for quite some time and had no problems
with it.

in a request you write reply-to: /temp/something, broker rewrites it
on the fly to /remote-temp-queue/pseudorandomgarbage and your consumer
replies to it and broker then maps it back to /temp/something on the
consumer side.

The only problem is getting the timings right (actually not STOMP
related at all), i.e. setting the expires header just above the time
you are actually going to wait for the reply + the time required for
the processing, otherwise you'll end up with a lot of garbage in
deadletter queues and in the logs when/if your producers go away too

Ti si arogantan, prepotentan i peglaš vlastitu frustraciju. -- Ivan
Tišljar, hr.comp.os.linux

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