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From Aleksandar Ivanisevic <>
Subject Re: Forcing processing of a queue and wait until empty
Date Wed, 27 Apr 2011 09:08:57 GMT
micha <> writes:

> Messages gets redelivered on failures. Currently I use jmx in a loop with a
> sleep and assume that it failed if the queue not gets empty within a period
> of time.

if you set the expiry on the messages you can assume that all messages
will be "processed" one way or the other by the expiry time.

> Now the question is if there exists a better way. Such as a way to
> force the

if you have the web interface enabled you can fetch the queues page
and parse that in a shell script, it will be faster and less resource
consuming than firing up a JVM for each peek in the queue.

> processing of a queue (and gets information if the processing has failed) in
> order to speed up the tests?

only consumers can "force the processing" by consuming, ActiveMQ can't
force the consumers to do anything, how would it, anyway?

Ti si arogantan, prepotentan i peglaš vlastitu frustraciju. -- Ivan
Tišljar, hr.comp.os.linux

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