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From "Martin C." <>
Subject Out-of-order delivery of messages with XA, Spring MDB, prefetch=1 & "Unmatched acknowledge: MessageAck"
Date Sun, 17 Apr 2011 12:27:43 GMT

one of my clients is using an XA connection inside a
SingleConnectionFactory to share the connection with about 150
consumers (in total) in about 10 different Spring

As Spring is not working with prefetch=0, they are using prefetch=1,
but they now see out-of-order deliveries despite using message groups,
as is indicated as a possible consequence of using prefetch > 0 on
shared consumer connections. As a consequence, they also see lots of
"Unmatched acknowledge: MessageAck" in the broker log.

Is there a recommended way of solving this in the given scenario? Is
there a way? Has anybody got experience with several hundred consumers
within Spring and using pooled/non-pooled connections. How is
performance in this regard? My client is using SSL to connect to the
broker, so a new connection for every message seems "deadly" from a
performance point of view.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice!

Best regards,

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