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From James Green <>
Subject Strategy question - many queues or use selectors?
Date Mon, 11 Apr 2011 19:54:09 GMT
I'm sure this must get asked routinely but for my benefit at least,
which is considered best: Have many (hundreds) of queues, or a single
queue of similar messages and use selectors to pick the right ones

To shed a little more light on my scenario we have an application to
which several hundred clients connect via a web interface. This
interface performs the authentication and authorisation then connects
to AMQ. It subscribes currently to a queue called "Outbound.Account.X"
where X is an account number. It actually uses selectors to guarantee
ordering of three message types already. This appears to work

Another way might be to maintain a single queue "Outbound" and mark up
the messages with an account number in addition to the existing
headers. We would then see multiple connections to the same queue each
using various selectors to get the individual account's messages in
the correct order.

Is there any advice or evidence to suggest one strategy is better than
the other? Clearly there will be implementation-specific pros & cons
for AMQ itself but I'm also interested in case people have experience
of one strategy working better than the other (perhaps from an
administrative perspective even).



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