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From "Mike J. Kitchin" <>
Subject Best way to remotely monitor AMQ 5.x installation via .NET?
Date Mon, 04 Apr 2011 19:57:14 GMT
Hi there,

We use AMQ extensively in our enterprise to integrate our C++ and C# applications (CMS &
NMS API's, respectively) and would like to integrate runtime monitoring of the broker into
an existing, web-based monitoring mechanism built into one of our applications. 

This mechanism already integrates a fair amount of information from across our products but
is, nonetheless, .NET based. After experimenting with what AMQ advisory messages and JMX can
provide, I've concluded the JMX MBean-hosted information already available in AMQ would be
the best source of process utilization- and stability-type information, but haven't found
a.NET client for JMX, presumably because standards JMX connectors are RMI-based.

The best option, therefore, seems to be some sort of RESTFul JMX bridge or the like that I
can then proxy from our monitoring mechanism. Is there any collective experience with these
sorts of add-ons to AMQ and, if so, which sounds like the most straightforward and trouble-free

Please let me know if I may provide any additional information. Thanks.


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Michael J. Kitchin  (Senior Software Engineer)
Tideworks Technology

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