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From anuhbava <>
Subject Re: network of broker stop forwarding messages without advisorySupport enabled
Date Mon, 28 Mar 2011 22:18:25 GMT
Hi Gary,

Thanks for pointing the source code to me, its been a great help to try &
understand how AMQ code is behaving for these scenarios.

Here is what I found so far:
1. connectionFactory.setClientIDPrefix("") and
connectionFactory.setClientID("") calls are completely
ignored while creating a new temporary queue name.
2. session.createQueue("" + new Date());
throws exception as I mentioned earlier as well.
3. Only hack I could find to alter the naming convention was this call:
4. Using above trick will alter the naming convention of temporary
destinations as temp-queue://ID:ReplyDest.12334535345.1
5. However when I added this in activemq.xml in
staticallyIncludedDestinations tag:
    Brokers ignored this directive for temporary destinations inclusions. It
seems staticallyIncludedDestinations only works for named queues and topics
but not for temp destinations.
6. Now if I create regular destinations using
session.createTopic("ReplyDest.client-topic" + new Date()); and have
corresponding staticallyIncludedDestinations inclusions then my
request/responses flow without problems.
7. As per your very nice suggestion I have now included 
 " advisoryForConsumed="false" advisoryForDelivery="false" 
gcInactiveDestinations="true" inactiveTimoutBeforeGC="30000"/>

in my destinationPolicy tag. However what I noticed is that even if producer
and consumer are killed but these newly created named topics are NOT deleted
until all but one the broker are shutdown. Which is somewhat unexpected
behavior and it may not work for us since at no time we are going to
shutdown our AMQ brokers in production, even though producer/consumers can
be very dynamic and can start/stop many times. Do you have any other
suggestion for my case, one that can cleanup/remove these (temporary for my
use case but not really temporary for AMQ) destinations without stopping any

many thanks for your help so far,

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