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From Daniele Dellafiore <>
Subject Manage KahaDB growth
Date Tue, 22 Feb 2011 13:55:47 GMT

After some months using a broker just for tests, the ActivMQ folder
grew up to 600MB. I'd like to control this and I've seen the
systemUsage config to cap the memory used but I'd like to understand
better how the space is used.
I'm interested that my Broker deletes my messages when they are 15 days old.

Is there a way to configure the Broker that way?
As far as I've understood from when the limit
is reached, the broker slow down.
I do not want the limit to be reached, I want that the Broker clean
old messages and I do not know how to do.

As I told, all my producer send PERSISTENT messages with a timeToLeave
of 10 seconds but I've experienced a DB growth that I want to avoid in


Daniele Dellafiore

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