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From NashCat <>
Subject XMPP User is not authorized to create: temp-queue
Date Fri, 28 Jan 2011 14:23:21 GMT

I'm trying to get XMPP working, I can connect and join the ActiveMQ.Agent
conference but when I type help I get an error. I am using ActiveMQ 5.4 and
my XMPP client is Spark 2.0 on OSX.

When I connect I get this error:
java.lang.SecurityException: User mulesupport is not authorized to create:

When I send 'help' in the conference room I get this error:
 javax.jms.InvalidDestinationException: Cannot publish to a deleted
Destination: temp-queue://ID:FA2275123.local-49410-1296053469145-4:0:1
jvm 1    | at

                <authenticationUser username="system" password="manager"
                <authenticationUser username="mulesupport" password="mule"
                <authenticationUser username="guest" password="password"

              <authorizationEntry queue=">" read="admins" write="admins"
admin="admins" />
              <authorizationEntry queue="USERS.>" read="users" write="users"
admin="users" />
              <authorizationEntry queue="GUEST.>" read="guests"
write="guests,users" admin="guests,users" />

              <authorizationEntry queue="TEST.Q" read="guests"
write="guests" />

              <authorizationEntry topic=">" read="admins" write="admins"
admin="admins" />
              <authorizationEntry topic="USERS.>" read="users" write="users"
admin="users" />
              <authorizationEntry topic="GUEST.>" read="guests"
write="guests,users" admin="guests,users" />

              <authorizationEntry topic="ActiveMQ.Advisory.>"
read="guests,users" write="guests,users" admin="guests,users"/>
             <tempDestinationAuthorizationEntry read="users,admin"
write="users,admin" admin="admin"/>


Does anyone have a suggestion about what I am doing wrong? 
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