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From Alex Dean <>
Subject Re: ajax handling fast messages
Date Fri, 10 Dec 2010 17:33:39 GMT

On Dec 10, 2010, at 11:06 AM, Jeff Rose wrote:

> Hi,
>  Based on the ajax chat example I've put together a small test page to
> display messages that I post to a topic or queue using a php script.  When I
> send 10 messages in a for loop from PHP then the ajax handler is only
> getting called with a couple of the messages though.  Looking at ActiveMQ
> with jconsole I can see that all of the messages are getting taken off the
> queue, but they don't all get to the browser.  Do I need to do something
> special in order to make sure I get all of the messages?
> The relevant code is posted below.  Any thoughts or advice would be
> appreciated.

I've noticed the same issue recently.  If I publish 5 messages via a ruby+stomp publisher,
I receive all 5 in a ruby+stomp consumer, but I only see 1 message in a javascript/ajax consumer.
The <ajax-response> XML element always has only a single <response> element. 
(I can see this in Firebug.)  The admin webapp shows that all my messages are being de-queued,
so I think the ajax servlet is picking up the messages but failing to deliver them to the

Just this morning I was poking around in the code trying to see what's going on.  I have a
guess it's in MessageListenterServelet.doMessages().  There's some code in there which should
put multiple <response> elements into a single <ajax-response>, but it's not happening
for some reason.

Maybe we should open a ticket for this?

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