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From Pauli Kaila <>
Subject Re: Network of brokers: message forwarding between brokers stops
Date Thu, 16 Dec 2010 13:27:59 GMT


I have been busy with other stuff so I have not been able to focus on this
problem until now.

For now I have not been able to create a test case that could reproduce this
problem. However I have continued my investigations. I once again made
ActiveMQ log everything and found something that could perhaps tell a bit
more about the issue at hand.

I was looking at log entries created during successful communication and how
things change when the communication stops.

During successful communication I can see that the VMTransport thread in the
Server broker logs a MessageAck in PrefetchSubscription.acknowledge and
after that the ActiveMQ Transport thread in the Client broker logs a
MessageAck with the same MessageId (again in

However when the communication stalls I can see the Server broker still
logging acknowledgements to some messages but the Client broker does not do
that and at this point no more messages reach the Server broker from the
Client broker (at least for that queue).

The strange thing is, that I was able to make the communication going again
by temporarily cutting the network connections between the Client and Server
(I did this by disabling the Client machines network interface).

I'll continue my investigation of this subject but at the same time hope
that you could be able to perhaps come up with something based on my

-Pauli Kaila
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