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From "" <>
Subject Re: Slow throughput after several hundred messages
Date Wed, 15 Dec 2010 13:44:16 GMT

I believe the cause of the EOFException and the blocking behaviour and
slowdown is caused by creating and closing connections for each read/write.
In the standalone j2se application I attached in an earlier post, each
thread creates a new connection for each request before closing down the
resources once it has written to or consumed from the queue. This produces
lots of EOFExceptions and the blocking/slowdown behaviour I outlined
earlier. If I modify the class to ensure that a single connection is used
for all requests from the producer thread and a single connection is shared
for all the requests from the consumer thread, this stops the slowdown and
the EOFExceptions are no longer thrown. Unfortunately, this is not a viable
approach for us, as our application uses stateless session beans, which may
be persisted by the container, therefore a new connection  to the broker is
created and closed once used for each request.

My question now is, what could be causing this delay/problem with opening
and closing lots of connections to the broker? Does ActiveMQ maintain a
connection pool internally - could it be maintenance of this pool causing
the delay? Is there some configuration that can be made to the broker which
may impact the behaviour of the connection handling?

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