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From Gary Tully <>
Subject Re: "Network of Brokers" and persistence
Date Mon, 15 Nov 2010 17:21:20 GMT
networks of brokers in activemq are store and forward. So a persistent
message will only exist on one broker at a time.
If can start on the embedded broker and get forward to a networked
broker if there is demand, In which case it will be removed/consumed
from the embedded broker and sent to the target broker by the network
connector. So from a network of brokers perspective, persistence is
still handled individually by each broker.

On 15 November 2010 14:36, Steve Cohen <> wrote:
> I am in the phase of imagining what using ActiveMQ to design a wrapper
> around a legacy process would look like, and reading the book, which I have
> bought.  I should say that I am impressed so far with ActiveMQ and the
> mapping of what it does with what I am trying to do seems very good.
> I am trying to understand the relation of persistence to the "network of
> brokers" concept.  In a single standalone broker deployment, it's simple.
>  You either enable persistence of one flavor or another, or you don't.
> But what does this look like in the "network of brokers" concept?  There is
> something appealing in this model to my situation, of deploying a
> server-side application in which each instance has an instance of the broker
> embedded within it, but what are the consequences in terms of persistence?
>  Would there just be one persistent store, with a suitable backup
> arrangement?
> Please help me untangle the consequences of these two concepts, which are
> starting to boggle my mind a bit.


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