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From Aleksandr <>
Subject ActiveMQ proxy with connection multiplexing
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2010 14:31:49 GMT

Hello list,

I'm looking for a solution to my small activemq problem.

We have a bunch of clients, which directly connect to an existing activemq
This setup worked pretty well, until recently the amount of clients has
The cluster cannot cope with such a load anymore. After a rough analysis the
problem seems to lie in the number of simultaneously connected clients. 
ActiveMQ creates a transport connection in a separate thread to each client.
We require SSL protocol, so we cannot use nio due to :

Even though the nio would practically solve the problem, as a further
optimisation we are considering to setup a bunch of activemq brokers, 
which will act as an intermediate proxies and multiplex connections from end
clients to the activemq cluster. So the setup would look
like a tree with the cluster being the root, intermediate brokers as nodes
and end-point clients as leaves.

I tried to use existing <proxyConnector> element, but this does not
multiplex connections, instead it just forwards the connection to a
different URI.
Is it possible to somehow achieve the desired setup with existing activemq? 

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