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From CajunDust <>
Subject JMS Bridge with static URL blocks at startup
Date Tue, 23 Nov 2010 08:42:19 GMT


For starters, I have read the documentation (API, FAQ,..) of the site, and I
have even read the book ActiveLMQ in Action (MEAP). It could be that I
misread or did not stumble on information that I need for my problem.

I am trying to set up a "network of brokers", that is to say, one "mobile"
JMS server, located on a limited resources device, and one JMS server at a
office backend.  
The mobile JMS server has to deal with the possibility that network can go
down, or might not be available when it starts.
The mobile JMS server has to forward some of the destinations to the backend
JMS, without ever loosing one message during interruption of network.
Oh, yeah, did I mention limited resources ?  I cannot use any spring bean
configuration either !!! So all has to be done in plain Java code.  (There
is NO explicit documentation (anymore?) about this on site or in the book ).

The connection URL are as follows : 
mobile JMS:  tcp://
backend JMS:  tcp://
bridge URL:  static://(tcp://

The problem is that when the "mobile" server is started before the "backend"
jms server, or when there is no connection, the server halts at the 
broker.start() method.  If no bridges are configured, or can be reached,
there is no problem. forwarding works like a charm.

Secondly, there is no timeout, even when the suggested parameters are added
to the bridge URL. 

It is very annoying that the "mobile" jms server does not continue to start,
and even does not accept any messages, neither continues after timeout... it
just stalls !

Can anyone give me some hints, solutions or pointers to solve this problem ?
Or should I abandon the bridge solution for "mobile" environments without
fixed network ?

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