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From dcheckoway <>
Subject Producer Flow Control - what is AUTHORITATIVE?
Date Fri, 05 Nov 2010 17:30:26 GMT

5.3.2, 5.4.1, and 5.5-SNAPSHOT -- doesn't matter which version, but I'm
currently running 5.5-SNAPSHOT.  It's running with the stock persistence
enabled and the stock -Xmx memory settings.

PROBLEM: as consumers slow down, producers slow down -- despite
producerFlowControl explicitly being disabled.

I'm having trouble understanding what AUTHORITATIVELY enables/disables
producer flow control.  This page
( talks about
conditions that would cause flow control to happen.  It's extremely vague
about memoryLimit, systemUsage, etc., but it implies that those are factored
in.  But it also says you can disable flow control...which I have done. 
What's authoritative?  Why is ActiveMQ doing flow control when I asked it
not to?

Here's a snippet from my activemq.xml:

                <policyEntry queue=">" producerFlowControl="false"

I'm doing sync sends to my queue (at least I believe I am, by virtue of NOT
doing explicitly async sends).  As consumers slow down, the producers get
blocked.  Can somebody please tell me why producer flow control is still
kicking in?  If the policyEntry->producerFlowControl setting is not
AUTHORITATIVE, maybe somebody can tell me what is?

Is the vmQueueCursor conflicting with producerFlowControl="false" in some

Are the default systemUsage/memoryLimit settings conflicting or causing
producer flow control to kick in?  Is the memoryLimit="20mb" on my queue

The biggest piece that I don't understand is: (a) IF a queue grows in size
beyond some limit (which is very hazy to me) it allows producer flow control
to kick in, and (b) if that's the case, how is that limit derived?  The
combination of systemUsage/memoryLimit settings have always been extremely
elusive to me.

I really need help understanding how I can, WITHOUT QUESTION, turn producer
flow control OFF COMPLETELY.


Dan Checkoway
dcheckoway gmail com
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