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From Anita Kulshreshtha <>
Subject Message Fowarded or Not [ WAS Re: Delivery failure Notification to Sender]
Date Thu, 14 Oct 2010 12:38:16 GMT
Update on this....

      I used a QueueBrowser in another Thread to browse the Queue. Since my 
Producer is also a MessageListener, the trick was to use two different sessions. 
When I used the same session (as the one used in  onMessage) the QueueBrowser 
returned Enumeration with infinite length! May be it is documented somewhere..  
I am using activemq 5.3.1. Store and Forward works great!


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From: Anita Kulshreshtha <>
Sent: Wed, October 6, 2010 10:29:15 AM
Subject: Delivery failure Notification to Sender

    I have two nodes (say A and B). I am using a network of brokers for store 
and forward on Node B. 

          Node A <--------------- Node B (S&F)
          Consumer                Producer

A Producer on Node B send a message to a Queue. The consumer is on node A. I use 

AUTO_ACK for sending the message. If the network is down (say for a day), the 
message is stored as expected and delivered when the network is up again. My 
requirements are that the producer (on B) would like to know at a later time 
(say after an hour) if the message was forwarded to Node A. If the message was 
forwarded and not consumed, it can keep sitting forever waiting on Node A for a 
consumer to come alive. Thus I can not use MessageExpired 
(ActiveMQ.Advisory.Expired.Queue ) feature. Is there any kind of Advisory 
Support to get this information? I have tried to search the forum for a similar 
question, I apologies if I missed it.



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