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From Alex Dean <>
Subject Re: Does this effect REST/web access? Timer/TimerTask code added to examine ajaxWebClients
Date Fri, 01 Oct 2010 14:52:11 GMT

On Oct 1, 2010, at 9:36 AM, ChicagoBob123 wrote:

> Timer/TimerTask code added to examine ajaxWebClients and clean up clients
> which have not been accessed in the past minute.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> I read that this patch was recently added. 
> Does this work with any Web session? 
> This would be of great for use for me and REST API and Topic subscribers. 
> Do does this apply for any rest user?

It doesn't have any impact on the REST interface right now, but it did cross my mind that
it might help with the out-of-memory errors you reported.

MessageServlet (REST servlet) only removes old WebClient instances if they explicitly unsubscribe.
 A WebClient instance for a browser who just ceases to collect messages (which seems pretty
typical for web applications) will never be cleaned up as far as I can see.

The cleanup logic I implemented for AjaxWebClient could possibly be moved into the main WebClient
class.  If that were done, the Timer task would be easy to add to MessageServlet.

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