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From Michael Brewer-Davis <>
Subject Re: Problem with simple peer-configuration, my config or AMQ issue?
Date Tue, 26 Oct 2010 16:01:34 GMT
On 10/26/2010 4:24 AM, Gary Tully wrote:
> That looks like a bug in the peer transport factory. I uses
> localhost:0 as the tcp transport url, but localhost maps to the
> loopback address since 5.3[1] so the connection is refused.
> The peer transport factory should use the wildcard address,

For me, the problem has been a little more complicated than this. 
Switching PeerTransportFactory to using sends my message, but 
sends my non-DNS computer name as the target host, so the alive message is:


If I comment out that section of TcpTransportServer, I can get 
instead of Michael-Dell, but that's not much more helpful.

If I commit to a network interface, I can get the discovery message to 
be useful, but I'm not aware of a "right" way to pick the network 
interface when several are available.

Is there a reason why the MulticastDiscoveryAgent doesn't consider the 
source IP of a discovery message?


> Can you raise a jira issue for this? It is an easy fix, so we can get
> it quickly into a new snapshot.
> As a work around, you would need to use an xml configuration file for
> each broker and the xbean
> url scheme:
> [1]

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