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From Casper Kent <>
Subject selector fails with more than maxPageSize messages
Date Fri, 08 Oct 2010 00:32:37 GMT
I am having a problem with receiving messages with selector when the 
queue has more than maxPageSize messages.   With 201 messages on the 
queue (default maxPageSize=200) and trying to select the 201st message 
will fail as if the message is not on the queue.  If I get rid of the 
first message (with 200 remaining on the queue),  receive will return 
with the correct message.

This is running the latest ActiveMQ 5.4.1 with default settings.   If I 
change maxPageSize=500, then the 201st is fine but the 501st message 
will fail.  I also tried changing producerFlowControl to false or  
maxBrowsePageSize=1000 but it didn't help.  Any ideas of what to try 
next or is it a bug?

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