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From PJR69 <>
Subject Re: Opinions about using AMQ in virtual distributed simulations
Date Wed, 27 Oct 2010 11:38:50 GMT

Thanks for the reply. TibcoEMS does feel a bit "heavy" for our need wrt
licensing and "freedom of deployment". With that I mean that there will
probably be lots of different deployments that are built and then torn down
often so it won't be very stable environment. Here I like the broker-peering
and multicast discovery a lot.

Let me add couple of points about performance:
- The simulators are not really hard-realtime systems, they are used in
training environment so nobody gets killed and no money is lost if a message
is sometimes lost or arrives a bit late (maybe even better to lose it if it
won't arrive in time). If that happens with some very low propability, it
can be tolerated.
- The "real-timeness" if the system could be desribed as being roughly
something like ~200 entities being published initially and then each one of
those getting their location updated in ~100ms intervals. that is, there
would be 200 location updated messages sent every 100ms from 1 publisher and
those should be received relatively fast on probably 5-10 subscribers, each
one running on separate computer on the same LAN-subnet with the publisher.
So I guess another way to put it would be that if you would take a 3D-viewer
of the world you should be able to see ~200 aircrafts flying with roughly
~10Hz refresh rate. I think that would be enough for us in average
scenarios. Do note that if we miss e.g. one location update for an airplane,
it really isn't critical as there would be at worst a little "nudge"
observed on the 3D-view and the next update would fix the situation. Those
are tolerable, but not constantly obv.

That would give a rough idea about the performance needs.

Does anyone have any references to public production systems using AMQ that
have some soft real-time characteristics?

PS. I have to say that our customer is very positive towards using open
source-solutions and hates licensing fees... ;) So basically the marching
order is something like 1) use open source 2) DIY ..... 99) if all else
fails, buy commercial.... ;)
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