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From jule <>
Subject Re: Beginner problem: Too many consumers on queue after browser restart...
Date Fri, 08 Oct 2010 10:09:00 GMT

I found a (quite obvious) solution to this problem. I just added a call to
removeListener() of amq.js just before adding my listener on startup, like

amq.removeListener(id, destination);
amq.addListener(id, destination, callBack);

Now it works perfectly fine for me. Maybe this should be included in the
Getting Started document as that would have saved me quite a bit of time.

Thanks and regards

Alex Dean-2 wrote:
>> For others facing the same problem: Meanwhile I found out that appending
>> a
>> "?ClientId=YourClientID" to the GET and POST urls (for either REST-API or
>> AJAX-API [uses REST-API]) will prevent this problem from showing up. I
>> guess
>> this will bypass the automatic id assignment by the broker (via cookie).
>> It
>> seems to work very reliably now. 
> Supplying a 'clientId' URL parameter is supported in the REST interface,
> but it's not (yet) supported in the ajax interface
> (MessageListenerServlet).  I (and others at my job) have been working on a
> patch to fix this.  I think we're nearly there, but I'm hoping to get some
> feedback on the patch I attached to AMQ-2948.
> If you supply a ClientID url parameter in an ajax request, do you see
> different results?  It looks to me like the current ajax code (in
> MessageListenerServlet) will just ignore this parameter, but I'm
> interested if you've seen other results.  What kind of test did you do?

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