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From zadeluca <>
Subject Re: Problem with AMQCPP, crashes randomly
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2010 04:30:12 GMT

Thanks Andrew for the advice, I suspected something along those lines.
However, I tried it with no avail, going as far as converting my 4 static
libraries to DLLs so that the app only used DLLs (which I had been meaning
to do anyway). I am only trying to run in Release mode, although I do have
debugging symbols enabled in all libraries.

After doing some other research, I spent a little bit of time going down the
rabbit hole of investigating the potential problems with using
QueryPerformanceCounter, mentioned here ( 
and other places on the Internet. I noticed that ActiveMQ-CPP uses this, and
my application does in a Timer class as well. Unfortunately, the suggested
fix of using SetThreadAffinityMask to ensure that all timing operations take
place on the same core had no affect.

Clearly, I'm kind of just guessing at this point. One thing that "works"
though; on my dual-core systems, if I use Task Manager and "Set Affinity..."
to restrict the process to just one core then everything is fine (as one
might expect, based on my success on the single core P4). Sadly, I have no
choice at this point but to accept this as a workaround. If I ever come up
with something better I will be sure to post my findings here.


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