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From Jack Edmonds <>
Subject ActiveMQ ObjectMessage ClassCastException
Date Sat, 02 Oct 2010 16:05:52 GMT
I have two web applications running on one Tomcat instance. Tomcat has
an embedded ActiveMQ broker (vm://localhost?marshal=true). The two web
applications each have loaded an instance of a JAR file containing the
classes that are being sent between the two applications.

When I send an ObjectMessage to the broker from one application and
receive it in the other, I get a ClassCastException when casting the
object to my type, as if the message type is not recognized. This
problem disappears when I run an external instance of ActiveMQ and
connection (with tcp://localhost:61616) or if I place the JAR containing
the class definitions in Tomcat's shared library directory.

Thus this seems to indicate a class loading problem. However, I was
working under the assumption that ActiveMQ would serialize and
deserialize ObjectMessages which should eliminate this type of problem.

How can I get ActiveMQ to serialize the messages as if the broker were
not embedded (without running an external broker)?

I am using ActiveMQ version 5.4.1.

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