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From Torbjorn Kristoffersen <>
Subject Dispatch problems in a simple store and forward setup with ActiveMQ 5.4.1
Date Sat, 25 Sep 2010 21:23:33 GMT
I have two ActiveMQ brokers in a simple store and forward setup.

* Broker B1 is behind a firewall, so it's set up with a duplex
connection to the other broker, B2 (with a public IP).

* Consumer CCC is connected to B2 and has a durable subscription to TestTopic.

Here is the flow of events:

1) Someone on B1's network sends a message for TestTopic
2) The consumer CCC on B2, gets the message since the store and
forwarding does its job.

Until this point, everything works fine.  The problems begin when the
connection between B1 and B2 goes down:

3) The connection between B1 and B2 goes down
4) Someone on B1's network sends another message to TestTopic
5) B1 hangs around, waiting for the connection to come back up. (zzzZzz)
6) After a few minutes, the internet is working again. Duplex
connection is back up!
7) The message goes to B2, but the consumer CCC gets absolutely nothing.
    Only when CCC re-connects to B2, he gets the message. Why does
this happen? This consumer can't predict when it should reconnect
    it had no idea that the link to B1 went down)

It is also worth mentioning that I am using ActiveMQ 5.4.1 (also tried
with 5.3.2).  The consumer CCC is connected via STOMP.

Thank you

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