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From Dejan Bosanac <>
Subject Re: Dispatch problems in a simple store and forward setup with ActiveMQ 5.4.1
Date Mon, 27 Sep 2010 08:00:14 GMT
Hi Torbjorn,

can you raise a Jira issue for this, ideally with the test case?

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On Sat, Sep 25, 2010 at 11:23 PM, Torbjorn Kristoffersen
<> wrote:
> I have two ActiveMQ brokers in a simple store and forward setup.
> * Broker B1 is behind a firewall, so it's set up with a duplex
> connection to the other broker, B2 (with a public IP).
> * Consumer CCC is connected to B2 and has a durable subscription to TestTopic.
> Here is the flow of events:
> 1) Someone on B1's network sends a message for TestTopic
> 2) The consumer CCC on B2, gets the message since the store and
> forwarding does its job.
> Until this point, everything works fine.  The problems begin when the
> connection between B1 and B2 goes down:
> 3) The connection between B1 and B2 goes down
> 4) Someone on B1's network sends another message to TestTopic
> 5) B1 hangs around, waiting for the connection to come back up. (zzzZzz)
> 6) After a few minutes, the internet is working again. Duplex
> connection is back up!
> 7) The message goes to B2, but the consumer CCC gets absolutely nothing.
>    Only when CCC re-connects to B2, he gets the message. Why does
> this happen? This consumer can't predict when it should reconnect
> because
>    it had no idea that the link to B1 went down)
> It is also worth mentioning that I am using ActiveMQ 5.4.1 (also tried
> with 5.3.2).  The consumer CCC is connected via STOMP.
> Thank you

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