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From "Ben Stover" <>
Subject How to use a second,own for a bean?
Date Fri, 03 Sep 2010 10:13:31 GMT
I deployed a (MD)Bean to the /lib subfolder of ActiveMQ and configured the activemq.xml accordingly.

The Bean runs successfully. As a side operation it does some logging which should be directed
to a second, separate logfile (e.g. $ACTIVEMQ_HOME/data/mylogfile123.log).

So it cannot use the default ActiveMQ file in subfolder /conf.
Instead I tried to add a second, own file into the deployed *.jar Bean.
I epected that the special file has priority over the default one.

Unfortunately this does not work. The output goes still to the logfile defined in the
default file.

According to

I defined a 

  <property name="resouce" value="">

entry in activemq.xml inside the SpringXML bean declaration.
But his does not help either.
How can I setup a second file for a new Bean?

Maybe there are some other configuration tricks to get the log4j working.


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