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From Alex Dean <>
Subject multiple ajax clients in the same browser?
Date Fri, 10 Sep 2010 16:46:56 GMT
I have been testing a web page displaying activemq data via the AJAX  
interface with AMQ 5.4.  It works great when I have a single window  
open.  If I open the same page in a new browser window or tab, the new  
window/tab updates correctly but the previously-open one stops updating.

Firebug/Firefox in the previously-opened window starts reporting  
errors like "No handler found to match message with id =  
display43066495".  'display43066495' is the id used by the newly- 
opened window.  I had tried ensuring that both windows opened with  
unique ids, but this hasn't solved the problem.

I imagine this is due to the fact that both windows share the same  
session id on the broker.  Is there a way to work around this problem,  
so I can have multiple windows open to the same amq/ajax-connected page?


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