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From jule <>
Subject Re: Beginner problem: Too many consumers on queue after browser restart...
Date Thu, 30 Sep 2010 22:08:42 GMT

Alex Dean-2 wrote:
>> For others facing the same problem: Meanwhile I found out that appending
>> a
>> "?ClientId=YourClientID" to the GET and POST urls (for either REST-API or
>> AJAX-API [uses REST-API]) will prevent this problem from showing up. I
>> guess
>> this will bypass the automatic id assignment by the broker (via cookie).
>> It
>> seems to work very reliably now. 
> Supplying a 'clientId' URL parameter is supported in the REST interface,
> but it's not (yet) supported in the ajax interface
> (MessageListenerServlet).  I (and others at my job) have been working on a
> patch to fix this.  I think we're nearly there, but I'm hoping to get some
> feedback on the patch I attached to AMQ-2948.
> If you supply a ClientID url parameter in an ajax request, do you see
> different results?  It looks to me like the current ajax code (in
> MessageListenerServlet) will just ignore this parameter, but I'm
> interested if you've seen other results.  What kind of test did you do?

I just checked again. Before I appended the "?ClientId=YourClientID" I could
reliably reproduce the error: After a client´s browser restart it won´t
receive messages and there  are two consumers listed for its queue.

Now that I appended the "?ClientId=YourClientID" the problem is gone. I
restarted the browser several times (without a reload thereafter) and
messaging remained functioning.

I will do some additional tests of my application tomorrow and will post if
this still works for me then (which would be quite misterious if this
parameter will be ignored in the current implementation ;-)).
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