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From ChicagoBob123 <>
Subject Suggestion for a TOPIC subscriber REST API
Date Wed, 29 Sep 2010 21:36:53 GMT

When using REST the subscriber can loose connection or disconnect all
together. It would be nice to have a subscription timeout so the broker is
not left holding the messages indefinitely for the subscriber. 
Or is there such an option already? 

Currently I created what seems to be a complex solution.  Each client
application creates a unique queue name and posts that name into a queue
named "subscriberqueue" before trying to fetch data from that queue. The
producer thats running on the server is a listener to "subscriberqueue"
picks up the queue names and saves the to an internal list. The producer
then places a copy of the data its holding into each queue that it picked up
form the "subscriberqueue" rinse and repeat. If for whatever reason the
client application stops their queue name would no longer be pushed onto
"subscriberqueue" list and the producer would no longer push data into its

It seems like a repoduced most of the functionality of a Topic and I would
use one if I knew a subscriber could be assigned a lifespan. 
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