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From activeMqUser <>
Subject MessageProducer is failing to produce message to queue
Date Mon, 06 Sep 2010 11:40:50 GMT


i am facing a problem in activeMQ. I am using ActiveMQ 5.2. I have 6
different queues where messages are keep on coming very frequently(100 msg
per second). My Consumers are always active and consuming messages
continuously without any error. But some time some Producers stops sending
message to their respective Queue, Where as on the same broker other
producers are actively producing messages.

Interestingly some time the Producer is hanging after sending some 400
messages but when i restart the activeMq, without doing any change in
activeMq.xml file it is producing messages upto more than 1lakhs and that is
also without any issue. Sometime even after restart also it is again failing
after producing a few messages(500). And i am not getting any type of
exception on either side(ActiveMQ nor Client).

Note: in my application i am opening a single connection and starting all
the Producers and Consumers on start up of the application. So all the
Consumers and Producers will be up and running from the beginning even
though some producers or Consumers and doing their job at a certain time. On
exception only i am closing the Connection as well as all the Producers and
Consumers and again restarting all these. I am doing this becoz my
application is accepting data very frequently(100 messages per second) and i
have to process these data as quick as possible. So thought of starting all
the Consumers and Producers on startup only. Please guide me if i am wrong
in this case or if there is any thing else  i can follow to make the things

Thanks in advance :)

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