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From "Robillard, Greg L" <>
Subject RE: EXTERNAL: Re: ActiveMQ disconnects producer with large message throughput
Date Thu, 12 Aug 2010 18:00:34 GMT
Thanks.  Can you point to a description of the filePendingMessageCursor, so I understand it's

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From: Gary Tully []
Sent: Thursday, August 12, 2010 11:46 AM
Subject: EXTERNAL: Re: ActiveMQ disconnects producer with large message throughput

filePendingMessagecursor is your man here, and configure a systemUsage memory limit that controls
how much memory resources are consumed by the cursors before offloading to the local filesystem
kicks in.

On 12 August 2010 16:59, Robillard, Greg L <> wrote:
> Not certain where to begin.
> apache-activemq-5.3.2
> using non-persistent queues
> using openwire jms connections
> Problem described:
> Normal operation has about 30 clients connected receiving between 300 and 500 messages
per minute.  Problem occurs if a single client configures a large amount of data.  This
can get a single client to receive up to 10,000 messages per minute.  The message size is
small, generally at or under 1K.
> Initially producerFlowControl was set to true, but this shut the producer down for everyone.
 ProducerFlowControl is now set to false.
> The client queue size continues to fill (NotificationQueueSizeExceeded).  This happens
primarily on slower networks and client computers.  Faster networks and client computers
can often handle this data rate.  What I currently do, is trap this situation, and log the
client off since their client cannot keep up with the data rate.
> The problem specifically is that sometimes, when a client is bringing in large amounts
of data,  activemq sometimes simply runs out of memory and shuts the producer down and all
of the clients.
> Currently, the only way I have been able to recover from this is to restart activemq
and the producer.
> I am looking for what needs to be done to keep activemq from running out of memory if
these large data rates happen when I am not using producerflowcontrol.   Additionally, how
can I recover if this situation happens.
> I have attempted to increase the prefetch size, to increase throughput, to no avail.
 I was using vmQueueCursor, but am currently attempting fileQueueCursor.
> Any suggestions or ideas would be of great help.
> Greg


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