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From zeeman <>
Subject Embedded broker on JBoss with tcp transport possible?
Date Wed, 25 Aug 2010 14:25:17 GMT
Hi everyone!

I'm quite new to ActiveMQ and unable to achieve my desired

I have two JBoss (4.2.3) instances running in prallel (*not*
clustered) which works quite fine.
Now I want to add a single logical JMS queue to both.

>From my research JDBC master/slave seems quite well-suited.
I want to use it *in conjuntion* with the embedded ActiveMQ broker as
I don't want a new box/process doing dedicated JMS work.
I also want to use the RAR-deployment of ActiveMQ on JBoss to
participate in the XA transaction (or is there another configuration
choice to participate in the XA transaction?)

Though in my simple mind both JBoss' start a embedded broker with
Master/slave JDBC persistence store. One of these will get the lock on
the DB and act as master.

My applications on the JBoss in turn will connect via failover to one
of the two JBoss embedded ActiveMQ brokers. Because the slave won't
start any transports both applications will end up on the master
Though one application will connect to "itself" because the master
(JBoss1) is running on the same JBoss and the other applicaiton
(JBoss2) will connect to the broker running on the other JBoss 
In case of an failure of the "master" JBoss1 the application running
on the slave JBoss2 will use "it's own" embedded broker which in turn
promotes to a master broker.
In case of a recovery of the former master JBoss1 it will launch its
broker in slave mode (due tue the already existing database lock) and
the application connects to the master broker on JBoss2.

| JBoss 1                                        |
| -------------------                            |
| | Applicatiion    |                       ------------------
| |              --------------             |Embedded Broker1|
| |              |JMS Client 1|***********>>|   Master       |
| |              --------------   ********>>|                |***
| -------------------             *         -----------------   *
----------------------------------*---------------              *
                                  *                           ------
                                  *                           | DB |
----------------------------------*---------------            ------
| JBoss 2                         *              |              *
| -------------------             *              |              *
| | Applicatiion    |             *         ------------------  *
| |              --------------   *         |Embedded Broker2|***
| |              |JMS Client 2|****         |   Slave        |
| |              --------------             |                |
| -------------------                       ------------------

That's the dream.

Sadly I'm not going very far:
I'm not able to launch a embedded broker inside JBoss via a RAR with
tcp transport.
Usuing vm://localhost works but I get no tcp port open (obvious)
Usuing tcp://localhost:61616 fails with a connection refuse (because
no broker was started I guess).

Can anyone tell me how to configure to reach my goal?
I'm happy to provide more information if I missed something.

Kind regards,

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