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From Antony Bowesman <>
Subject Re: Some stomp-messages are received with an empty text
Date Wed, 25 Aug 2010 05:54:12 GMT
I vaguely remember seeing something similar, not sure if it was over XMPP or 
Stomp, but I was sending BytesMessages and the client got nothing.  I changed it 
to send TextMessage and all was OK.

Could this be your problem?

On 25/08/2010 3:49 PM, Arjen van der Meijden wrote:
> Noone? I've done some follow-up research, but still have no idea which
> part of ActiveMQ fails. It turns out that the incoming stomp-messages
> are all good, so they're received correctly. And I've also noticed that,
> by looking at the tcp-traffic, the outgoing messages indeed don't have
> the body so now and then.
> So the text-message body disappears inside ActiveMQ. It looks to me as
> if some internal resource is shared in a place it shouldn't have been
> shared and is reset to null before others are done with it. But I
> couldn't find such a resource in the o.a...transport.stomp-package. Then
> again I don't know the code that well, so that doesn't mean much.
> And while I can easily reproduce (on that specific AMQ-instance) the
> problem with any topic, I can't reproduce it on another AMQ. So I'm
> guessing the load inhibited on our production-instance has something to
> do with it as well (which supports the idea of some shared resource that
> shouldn't be shared amongst threads).
> I've already filed a JIRA-issue, but would really like to figure this
> out and find a solution.
> Any ideas how to proceed from here?
> Best regards,
> Arjen

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