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From "Reynald Borer" <>
Subject Re: [BEGINNER] Question about configuration
Date Mon, 09 Aug 2010 13:44:34 GMT
  Hello Andrew,

Unfortunately, you cannot by server side configuration decide whether 
messages are kept in memory or written on disk. This is done by the 
producer, who decides if messages are persistent (this is the default) 
or not.

Persistent messages are always written to disk in order to ensure that 
if a failure on the broker happens, no messages are lost. On the 
contrary, non-persistent messages are kept in memory until the memory 
limit is reached. When memory limit is reached, messages are paged to 
disk until tempUsage is reached (after what producers are blocked until 
the limit goes down).

According to the wiki page on , there seems to 
be a way to ensure messages are always kept in memory (I have not tested 
it though). Here is what the documentation says:


Note that, since the introduction of the new file cursor in ActiveMQ 
5.x, non-persisted messages are shunted into the temporary file store to 
reduce the amount of memory used for non-persistent messaging. As a 
result, you may find that a queue's memoryLimit is never reached, as the 
cursor doesn't use very much memory. If you really do want to keep all 
your non-persistent messages in memory, and stop producers when the 
limit is reached, you should configure the <vmQueueCursor>.

                 <policyEntry queue=">"  producerFlowControl="true"  memoryLimit="1mb">

The fragment above will ensure that all non-persistent queue messages 
are kept in memory, with each queue having a limit of 1Mb.


Hope it help.


On 08/09/2010 02:35 PM, iDemmel wrote:
> Hello
> I need the broker to hold me 50,000 messages in a queue before starting to
> write to my HDD.
> Being new to ActiveMQ, I tried changing the config a bit. I tried to change
> the following config(I couldn't find something for amount of messages, so I
> just took memory), with no success:
> 1)<policyEntry queue=">" producerFlowControl="true" memoryLimit="128mb">
> 2)<systemUsage>
>              <systemUsage>
>                  <memoryUsage><memoryUsage limit="256 mb"/></memoryUsage>
>                  <storeUsage><storeUsage limit="1 gb"
> name="foo"/></storeUsage>
>                  <tempUsage><tempUsage limit="100 mb"/></tempUsage>
>              </systemUsage>
>       </systemUsage>
> Whatever I do with these values, once I start producing (a lot), my HDD goes
> crazy, even from the start.
> I'm just a beginner, and I'm probably missing something basic but please
> help me out.
> To summarize my questions:
> 1) How do I keep the queue in RAM only until it reaches 50k entries ?
> 2) Is it possible to configure the above with an amount of messages instead
> of memory?
> Thank you for your time
> Andrew

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