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From Don Santillan <>
Subject Help on Message Group
Date Mon, 02 Aug 2010 17:49:43 GMT

I am trying to create an application that would use a message queue that 
is consumed by multiple consumers running concurrently but would still 
maintain the order of message processing by a certain ID.

For example, I have a set of messages added to a queue:

I need the Messages coming from ID1 get consumed by Consumer1, ID2 to 
Consumer2, and ID3 to Consumer3, that maintains order such as Consumer1 
will process ID1-M1 and then ID1-M2, Consumer 2 process ID2-M1 and then 
ID2-M2, and Consumer3 process ID3-M1 and then ID3-M2.

I also like to have the Consumers come from a ConsumerPool so that if a 
consumer is done processing with the messages, it will go back to the 
pool and become available for other Messages owned by another ID. I also 
like to have the pool a behavior that would create a new consumer in the 
pool if a consumer dies so that a fix number of consumer is available 
from the pool.

I saw in the documentation that the Message Group, I think, fits into 
the requirement perfectly. Process messages asynchronous, maintain 
message order, and failover feature.

Unfortunately, I was not able to understand completely how to do it. I 
understand that the producer needs to set a property "JMSXGroupID" to 
identify which group the message will get associated and consumed by a 
single consumer. What I don't understand is how the broker will select 
which consumer to pass the message to? Even more, where will the 
consumers come from? Do I need to create, for example, 20 consumers and 
subscribe them all to the broker? What if the consumer one by one dies, 
can the broker automatically recreate all 20 consumers?

It would be greatly appreciated if anybody can write a simple code that 
would show how consumers get subscribed to the broker and have an 
explanation that my requirement would really fit into Message Group. If 
this is not possible through Message Group, any suggestions on how to 
implement this?

Thanks in advance!


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