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From cppdeveloper <>
Subject Re: connection->start() or connection->createSession() hangs when trying to connect ActiveMQ-CPP client with OpenMQ broker via STOMP
Date Wed, 18 Aug 2010 15:35:21 GMT

Timothy Bish wrote:
> Can you add some code to dump the contents of the Response frame sent
> from OpenMQ?  This would help me understand why its not being
> processed.  

According to an OpenMQ developer, he thought the problem may be this:

"IIRC the Stomp frames in OpenMQ always use a content-length header while
ActiveMQ uses this header for binary messages only, and uses a null byte
terminator for text messages.
So I think that the ActiveMQ Stomp library times out because if waits for
the null byte, which never is sent from the OpenMQ broker.
Hope this helps,

Other than adjusting the output from the OpenMQ broker, is there any way to
change how the ActiveMQ-CPP client handles this? 

Timothy Bish wrote:
> Can I ask why you need to use ActiveMQ-CPP to talk stomp to OpenMQ,
> don't they have a C client for OpenMQ?

We already have an exisitng broker cluster of OpenMQ brokers, and we need a
C++ client to interact with them, but we also need it to use failover, which
their C client does not. Thus far, ActiveMQ-CPP has seemed like the best
open source option, if they could connect/communicate correctly!

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