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From magellings <>
Subject HA ActiveMQ brokers running against a SQL Server 2008 database > large transaction logs
Date Tue, 10 Aug 2010 16:46:38 GMT


DBA with here with some questions for the ActiveMQ development and user
community, hopefully you can provide some insight or relate experiences...

We have HA ActiveMQ brokers running against a SQL Server 2008 database that
is mirroring to secondary site.  During a recent failover we found that the
oldest of the ActiveMQ databases took almost 35 minutes to open. The
transaction log had grown to 13 GB despite regular backups.  

Our environment has dozens of servers and hundreds of databases, ActiveMQ is
relatively new I our environment but has been running for months before a
failover. (We are 24x7x365 shop and production requires HA, DR and fast
recovery on system failures)

We determined this was due to ActiveMQ broker keeping a open transaction and
issuing a UPDATE statement every 30 seconds. It became clear that ActiveMQ
brokers must commit those transactions or rollback sometime… to maintain log
file size and allow speedy database failover to mirror. ActiveMQ is quickly
becoming a HUB for communication between applications  and production

We are not using a witness in our standard mirroring setup so we do a manual
failover utilizing DNS alias for maintaining client connectivity.

We can set the broker lock UPDATE frequency lower or to once…but the
transaction remains open and the transaction log would continue to grow.

The other thought was to regularly cycle between the two brokers. This would
close one broker server and transactions would commit or rollback and then
the log file could be backed up and truncated. (My favorite idea…)

What is the communities take on SQL Server Mirroring and has anyone utilized
ActiveMQ HA persistent  broker configuration with SQL Server Mirroring?


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