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From Kulidan <>
Subject All AMQ traffic stops (Network of Brokers)
Date Mon, 09 Aug 2010 19:51:31 GMT

The issue we are having is that after a certain amount of time (days) ALL
activeMQ traffic comes to a halt.  No errors appear in any of the logs (we
do not have debug logging enabled at this time).  When this 'event' happens
it appears all produces are blocking regardless of which node they are
connected to or what topic.

We use a network of brokers (currently 5) located around the globe.  Each
node has a connection to the other 4 nodes.

An example of this configuration:
    <networkConnector name="Site2" uri="static://(tcp://site1:61616)"/>
    <networkConnector name="Site3" uri="static://(tcp://site2:61616)"/>
    <networkConnector name="Site4" uri="static://(tcp://site3:61616)"/>
    <networkConnector name="Site5" uri="static://(tcp://site4:61616)"/>

Clients located near each of these sites connect to the closest broker and
are able to get data that is produced by clients connected to any of the
other sites.  When the traffic comes to a halt it appears we have to reboot
all 5 servers to fix the issue.  For example clients of site1 will report
the issue and typically the solution is the simply reboot that AMQ but in
this scenario this does not help - we end up resetting all 5 servers before
the problem is cleared.

What could be the cause of this?  If one of the brokers were getting data it
has no consumers for, could this cause it to fill up and block all traffic? 
What most surprises me about this is it does not halt traffic for a specific
topic of queue but all topics.

Thanks for any clues.

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