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From Daniel Pittman <>
Subject Re: Administering an ActiveMQ / STOMP network.
Date Mon, 05 Jul 2010 07:46:54 GMT
Dejan Bosanac <> writes:


>> Specifically, I have a topic with "13,384 Messages Enqueued", and "0 Messages
>> Dequeued", on the broker at both sites.
> this simply means that you didn't consume from these topics. What's
> the number of consumers you are seeing on these topics?

Aw, heck.  That is what I feared. :(

I have one consumer, as expected, attached to the
mcollective.registration.command topic, which should be consuming those

I will have to look into that; something has gone wrong with the client
software, and it is building up an endless collection of messages that should
be processed but are not.


In general, is there any sensible way for me to review the content of the
messages inside a topic?  I can decode them if I can access them, but...

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