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From chris <>
Subject network of brokers: consumer after broker reconnect not working
Date Wed, 07 Jul 2010 15:44:10 GMT

I have a network of two brokers that have auto discovered themselves via
multicast. In Jconsole I can see that both brokers are well connected
(Network bridge is visible). I also have a consumer running that consumes
on a queue. That consumers has a failover URI with both brokers mentioned.
In JConsole, I can see that the queue is available in both brokers and that
on both brokers I have consumer count set to 1. I start a producer with
same failover URI that sends messages to that queue and it gets consumed
without problems. I then kill one broker, everything continues to work. I
bring the broker back, but now the consumer count on that broker remains 0
and if I restart the producer the messages pile up and don't get consumed.
It only works, if the producer is connected to the same broker as the
consumer (randomly the case).

If I restart the consumer, everything works again.

Is that expected behavior?



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