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From Jean-Philippe Caruana <>
Subject dead letter queue keeps my messages order
Date Wed, 28 Jul 2010 12:21:58 GMT

I use ActiveMQ as a broker to deliver messages. Theses messages are 
intented to be written in a dabatase. Sometimes, the database is 
unreachable or down. In that case, I want to rollback my message to 
retry later this message and I want to continue reading other messages.

This code works fine, except one point : the rollbacked message is 
blocking me from reading the others :

	private Connection getConnection() throws JMSException {
		RedeliveryPolicy redeliveryPolicy = new RedeliveryPolicy();
		redeliveryPolicy.setMaximumRedeliveries(3); // will retry 3 times to 
dequeue rollbacked messages
		redeliveryPolicy.setInitialRedeliveryDelay(5 *1000);  // will wait 5s 
to read that message

		ActiveMQConnectionFactory connectionFactory = new 
ActiveMQConnectionFactory(user, password, url);
		Connection connection = connectionFactory.createConnection();
		return connection;

I create my session this way :

     session = connection.createSession(true, Session.SESSION_TRANSACTED);

Rollback is easy to ask :


Let's imagine I have 3 messages in my queue :

     1: ok
     2: KO (will need to be treated again : the message I want to rollback)
     3: ok
     4: ok

My consumer will do (linear sequence) :

     commit 1
     rollback 2
     wait 5s
     rollback 2
     wait 5s
     rollback 2
     put 2 in dead letter queue (ActiveMQ.DLQ)
     commit 3
     commit 4

But I want :

     commit 1
     rollback 2
     commit 3
     commit 4
     wait 5s
     rollback 2
     wait 5s
     rollback 2
     wait 5s
     put 2 in dead letter queue (ActiveMQ.DLQ)

So, how can I configure my Consumer to delay my rollbacked messages later ?
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