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From ripienaar <>
Subject Re: Correct way to build a mesh of brokers
Date Thu, 29 Jul 2010 22:21:01 GMT

Gary Tully wrote:
> for future reference, the ordering of elements in the broker sequence
> is alphabetical - <plugins> before <transportConnectors> and the
> difference with 5.4 is that the xml configuration file is validated
> against the schema. It was always alphabetical, just never enforced.

that's quite interesting, read quite a lot of the wiki and the book and
first I come across this.  Might have missed it butt his seem like a pretty
fundemantal bit of info.

So I have 3 x 5.40 instances now running doing ~ 1/2 million messages a day. 
They're meshed as per our discussion above.

My only remaining hassle is that any kind of temp topic use via stomp -
/temp-topic/foo - results in a whole slew of advisory messages - 300 000 / 5
minutes - so I am guessing somewhere something is still not auditing them.

I have this:

              <policyEntry topic=">" />

but that might not apply to temp topics?  Is there a similar trick, I see mentions
tempTopic=true but I do not see it mentioned in the docs to tell me what
that actually does.

any hints welcome
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