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From ripienaar <>
Subject Correct way to build a mesh of brokers
Date Sat, 24 Jul 2010 14:23:18 GMT


I am trying to create a redundant network of brokers using 3 activemq

I would ideally have redundant connections like:

- A to B
- A to C
- B to A
- B to C
- C to A 
- C to B

This is a typical mesh, can be made simpler if I am able to use duplex

- A duplex to B
- A duplex to C
- B duplex to C

The problem I have is that if I create a setup like this I always get
duplicate messages on topic,

All the machines have blocks resembling this:

          <networkConnector name="dev3-dev2" uri="static:(tcp://dev2:6166)"
userName="amq" password="xx" suppressDuplicateQueueSubscriptions="true"
          <networkConnector name="dev3-dev1" uri="static:(tcp://dev3:6166)"
userName="amq" password="xx" suppressDuplicateQueueSubscriptions="true"

Have also tried the simpler full duplex version with similar results.

And I have unique broker names.

If I now add a subscription on each of the 3 nodes to a topic /topic/foo and
send a message then I will get duplicates delivered to some of the

so my question is:

a) is this kind of thing possible, can I create meshes with routing loops
b) whats the right way?

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