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From nondescript1 <>
Subject Re: Applying Parameters to Discovered Brokers
Date Fri, 23 Jul 2010 15:45:04 GMT

A call hierarchy on the DiscoveryTransport constructor reveals that it is
instantiated in FanoutTransportFactory and DiscoveryTransportFactory, which
extends FailoverTransportFactory.  In DiscoveryTransportFactory, the
parameters are applied to the DiscoveryTransport.  Wouldn't it be better to
have both fanout and failover factories call DiscoveryTransportFactory to
ensure the discovery transport is created correctly?  In that case,
DiscoveryTransportFactory would no longer extend FailoverTransportFactory.  

Unfortunately, this would probably break using the discovery transport
directly, right?  So, it's probably better to simply add
transport.setParameters(parameters) and
IntrospectionSupport.setProperties(transport, parameters) to

I'll look to open a jira issue and will create a test case.  Thanks.

Gary Tully wrote:
> I think that is the correct approach. Compare
> FanoutTransportFactory.createTransport to some of the other transport
> factories, FailoverTransportFactory for example, it follows that
> pattern.
> Possibly open a jira issue and attach your patch and a test case to
> protect it.
> -- 
> Open Source Integration

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