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From nondescript1 <>
Subject Applying Parameters to Discovered Brokers
Date Thu, 22 Jul 2010 16:51:01 GMT

Greetings.  This is my first post, so let me say thank you up front for a
great tool in ActiveMQ and for any help you provide.

Is there a correct way to apply transport parameters to discovered brokers?

I'm trying to send a message using the fanout transport and the following
As you can see, I'm using multicast broker discovery.  However, in certain
circumstances, I encounter connection timeout issues when sending the
message after the brokers are discovered.  In these cases, the default
connectionTimeout of 30 seconds causes a considerable delay in my
application, and I would rather have a 3 second delay.  Therefore, I would
like to apply the parameter connectionTimeout=3000 to any discovered

A colleague was able to accomplish this by modifying
FanoutTransportFactory.createTransport(URI) to call
transport.setParameters(parameters) on the DiscoveryTransport that the
FanoutTransport is wrapped in.  Since DiscoveryTransport parameters are
applied to discovered services in
DiscoveryTransport.onServiceAdd(DiscoveryEvent), the following URI now has
the desired result of timing out after three seconds of not being able to
send a message to a discovered broker,

However, this solution feels like a hack.  Do you agree that this is not a
correct approach, and is there a best practice for doing this?

Thank you again for your time and help.
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